Credits: Michael Swan via Creative Commons

Stand Up for Europe is a movement of citizens reclaiming their hope in a better future, something that only a united Europe can provide in a world where our countries have become too small to matter. Stand Up for Europe unites citizens from across Europe who are ready to stand up and build such a better future through a more democratic and federal Europe, a Europe closer to the people and better able to tackle global challenges.


With the occasion of the Conference on the Future of Europe (2021-2022), Stand Up for Europe has been active in creating information flows between citizens and the European civil servants, civil society, the institutions, and has supported and coordinated the creation of spaces, online and in-person, for citizens to voice their opinions and share their ideas about the European project. The Conference on the Future of Europe is an unprecedented occasion to increase deliberative democracy in the EU. 

Stay with us to discover ways to actively participate in the citizens' activities and stay up to date with the latest developments happening at our shared European transnational spaces. The Future is yours!