Stand Up for Europe is a movement of citizens reclaiming their hope in a better future, something that only a united Europe can provide in a world where our countries have become too small to matter. Stand Up for Europe unites citizens from across Europe who are ready to stand up and build such a better future through a more democratic and federal Europe, a Europe closer to the people and better able to tackle global challenges.

Dear Member, dear Supporter of Stand Up for Europe,

You may have wondered during the last 20 months what had happened with Stand Up for Europe, arguably one of the most promising pro-European movements. Its following had grown tremendously in the years 2014-2017, only to be halted by a much regrettable conflict.

Beyond the divergences between individuals, it also consisted of divergent opinions in the tactics and strategy to be followed by our movement. This conflict had as a consequence that we were unable for a long time to use some of our assets like our page and group on Facebook, or our Instagram account.

Very fortunately, this conflict is now behind us. This allows us now to write to you to explain this long silence.

In the meantime, the European elections took place with mixed results: a remarkably higher turn-out, but also a real progression of populist and nationalist parties albeit not in the proportion one could have feared.

In the meantime also, phase one of Brexit became a sad reality.

Finally, a new commission was established which put forward 6 axes of action: a European Green Deal, a Europe fit for the digital age, an economy that works for people, the protection of our European way of life, a stronger Europe in the world and a new push for European democracy.

Most important for us, is the idea to organize until the spring of 2022 a conference on the future of Europe.

Though the framework of that conference is not yet precisely defined, we identify this new space of dialogue as a tremendous opportunity and we intend to play a role in it, alongside with other pro-European movements.

We will, therefore, consult you on the various issues that will be debated and we hope to be able to count on your insights.

With the recovery of our precious communication tools and the help of Stand Up for Europe large and dedicated following, we hope, together with you, to make the difference in the construction of a truly democratic, inclusive and better functioning Europe.

I thank you in advance for your support in this exciting endeavour.

Kind regards.

Alain Deneef


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Warm-up event

As the European Parliamentary elections were approaching, Stand Up For Europe organised an event to discuss the most urgent topics for the future of the EU.



Done in partnership with Bozar (one of the most important cultural institutions in Europe), the objective of which is to have many artists working together to create a composite piece of art symbolising the value of collaboration.




Alain Deneef


Independent board of directors and a coalition builder. He has had a long career at the helm of big corporations. He is now a consultant in urban design and public policies. He serves on the board of numerous associations in the domain of citizenship, education and sport.


Bálint Gyévai

Vice President

He defines himself as European federalist and social liberal. He is an active and positive young political scientist, finishing his master degree in European Studies at the ULB in Brussels. Born in Budapest, he is both Hungarian and Belgian. He has been International Officer of FEL (Fédération des Etudiants libéraux) for the last 3 years and he was the secretary general of the citizen movement, Stand Up for Europe for the last 2 years. He is currently an intern at the European Liberal Forum and strongly involved in LYMEC (European Liberal Youth)


Faedran Bourhani


Law student at the Antwerp University who started both the local student- and city-teams for Stand Up. He loves exploring places and getting to know new people.