Values we believe will strengthen Europe if individuals, NGOs, civil society groups & the European institutions push for more:

  • Multilateral communication 
  • Taking initiatives in combating common European problems
  • Integrated & inclusive societies
  • Respect towards different views
  • Raising awareness
  • Active collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Non-partisanship

Mission Statement

Our mission is to stand up for European citizens by encouraging the EU institutions, societies, and governments to foster a peaceful, integrated, sustainable, and united Europe from the ground-up. We achieve this through content publications, events, social media outreach, and partnering within our coalitions.


Our vision is to help raise up our goal of an integrated Europe by rooting a common European identity within our societies. Within our European communities, we believe in the power of dialogue, active collaboration, & empowering the younger generations as keys to bringing harmony and solidarity across the continent.