The Conference on the Future of Europe kicked off on 9 May 2021, after one year of delay according to its original starting date. 

It has created momentum for us civil society organizations to put forward the proposals by the citizens we represent and shed light on the pressing issues, from social inclusion and marginalization, to the rethinking of EU systematical procedures for policy-making, environmental issues, and potential treaty changes. The Conference is Co-Chaired by members of the main institutions, likewise, the Executive Board configuration includes three representatives from the main EU institutions and observers from the EESC, CoR, among others. The EU institutions must maintain an open, transparent, and structured dialogue with civil society to bridge the gap with its constituents. 

In this regard, it is critical that we build on our strengths and collaborate as European Civil Societies that act as the bridges and facilitators of an inclusive dialogue to ensure the participation of a broader spectrum of society operating on a pan-European level.


We are part of three networks:

Citizens Take Over Europe


Civil Society Convention


Talento Europa


Additionally, we are happy to announce that we have recently become community partners with Debating Europe and European Capital of Democracy.

 We are also currently partaking in projects that are either partially or fully funded by the European Union.