Alain is Stand Up For Europe's President. Alain works as an urban designer and public policies consultant. He is part of the administrative board of numerous associations related to civic matters, education, and sports. He is also the President of the organising authority at the Jesuit College Matteo Ricci.



Sebastian is the Executive Secretary of Stand Up for Europe. Previously, he was actively involved in the youth sector in Romania on behalf of the Youth Council and in the students' movements. Besides his current work in the field of civic engagement and participation, his area of expertise is International Relations and Eastern European Politics









Bálint is Stand Up For Europe's Vice-President. He is a convinced European and a liberal with a Master's Degree in European Studies from the University Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Bálint has several years of experience in European civic movements and liberal political organisations. He is the Secretary-General of LYMEC (European Liberal Youth) recently re-elected for a second term in office.



Faedran is the Treasurer of Stand Up For Europe. He was born in Flanders and pursued his studies in psychology and law at the University of Antwerp. In the past, he has been involved in civic and youth activities coordinated by Stand Up for Europe. Currently, he is active in developing software in the timely and evolving sector of artificial intelligence.



Luca is part of the Administrative Board of Stand Up For Europe. He is a Communication and IT expert based in Brussels. He has prior experience as a Digital Consultant and is an entrepreneur of a procurement marketplace platform as well as communication management in the non-profit sector.