EP 1- Workers' Rights

Wake Up Europe is a podcast initiative of Stand Up for Europe, a Brussels-based civil society organisation. Our first episode out on International Workers Day provides an overview of workers' rights in Europe, focusing on platform work directives and the gender gap. For this session, we have a special guest, Bastian Kenn, a current Ph.D. at the ULB, working on citizenship and welfare state transformations in the framework of the SOCITEU project. Enjoy!


EP 2- Europe Day

Wake Up Europe is a podcast initiative of Stand Up for Europe, a Brussels-based civil society organisation. In our second episode, we celebrate Europe's Day By inviting a very special guest: Our President, Alain Deneef.


EP 3- EU Abroad

In our third episode, we have 3 amazing girls who are in Brussels to study. They are Maia and Claire from the US and Mahta from Iran. Throughout the podcast, we are going to listen to what Europe means to them, why they decided to come here, and how they feel about living abroad. Enjoy with us!


EP 4- Green Week

Good Morning Europe! Our fourth podcast episode today celebrates EU Green Week and will deal with a very important yet fragile subject: the environment and climate change. Today we have a very special guest, Francesca Massa, a Master's student in a joint degree in urban studies who is also involved in a local initiative that aims to green Brussels's unnecessary concrete areas at a local NGO called Less béton ASBL. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


EP 5- Artificial Intelligence

In our fifth episode, we had the pleasure of entertaining a conversation with Michele, a tech consultant at Global Denton Advisors in Brussels. After a clear introduction to this very complex topic, we dove into an analysis of the challenges related to AI with an eye on the evolution of our employment market, its advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately the trailblazing regulation launched by the Commission to guarantee a safe usage of this tool.


EP 6- Brexit

Since 2020, the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. How does that feel for young people? What are the biggest changes? Is there a possible future for the United Kingdom in the European Union? We discuss these questions with George, who is from the UK and lives in Brussels.


EP 7- Energy Crisis

"The head of the U.N. weather agency says the war in Ukraine 'may be seen as a blessing' from a climate perspective because it is accelerating the development of and investment in green energies over the longer term — even though fossil fuels are being used at a time of high demand now."

In the podcast, we discussed how the European Union discovered the importance of long-term investment in renewable green technologies in the context of energy security. What could be the solution to the increased dependence on Russian gas, which has become even more noticeable with the Ukraine conflict? Can the Turkish Stream serve as an alternative to the Southern Gas Corridor, and would it solve this issue? Specifically, does the European Investment Bank (EIB) have a 210 million EURO fund dedicated to investing in green technologies that yield returns in the long run?


EP 8 - Migration

In this episode with our guest Mario Vega, we explored a topic that has been very controversial and polarising: migration. With a regard to migrants seeking asylum in the European Union, in the light of the recent developments at that level. 


EP 9 - Financial literacy 

In this episode we have a very special guest with us, Flavian Constantinovici, Master student in Business Administration at KU Leuven, in Brussels and a member of Greenhill capital which is the 1st and biggest student investment club in Belgium We explores the topic of financial literacy among young people and why it should be important to them.


EP 10 - Indigenous identity and cultural heritage

In this episode we have a very special guest with us Paola Pozo, the commercial attaché at the embassy of the plurinational state of Bolivia in Belgium. We discuss the critical topic of preserving indigenous identity in Bolivia, home to the largest indigenous population in Latin America.


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