When February 22, 2022 at 6:00pm 1 hr

Europe´s refugee crisis started worsening around a decade ago.

🛫Numerous people try to reach out to Europe to flee their country. The growing disagreements within the European Union over opening or closing borders, the imposition of quotas and systems of admission, the Belarus border crisis, and other issues lead to serious discord among the member states.

Migration is a crucial topic but also a tough reality experienced by millions of human beings. 

The discussion will be an opportunity to learn more about European member states' & the EU´s responses in terms of integration & actions. 🇪🇺

What are the main challenges in the refugee and asylum policy in the EU? What are the opportunities in the EU to improve migrants’ integration?

Don't miss this conversation about the EU migration policy with three experts!

Moderated by Stand Up for Europe's President, Alain Deneef.

Guest speakers:

  • Jörg Gebhard, President of the Belgian Jesuit Refugee Service

  • Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels, Professor  at the University of Kent - Reader in Migration and Politics

  • Sinem Yilmaz, Integration Policy Analyst at Migration Policy Group

Will you participate?