The European Green Taxonomy: A Technical Tool or A Political Agenda?

By Ece Ucar


The EU Green taxonomy is one of the measures undertaken as part of green transformation actions following the announcement of the Green Deal. This financial instrument, which also ensures the influx of green finance into the EU, was developed by the Union specifically for the categorization of production and investment. However, there are significant obstacles to the implementation of this technical tool, including greenwashing, politicization, and the harmonization of technical capacity across Member States.

The Nature Restoration Law

By Emelie Teumer

Abstract: The proposed Nature Restoration Law is intended to become a comprehensive law for all member states of the European Union. The restoration of ecosystems is at the core of this proposal. Currently, this proposal is under discussion. Parties, committees as well as member states have several distinguished concerns. The Nature Restoration Law is expected to pass before the end of this legislative period.