“The future of European democracy
will be decided in Ukraine”

- Olivier Védrine

About the event:

The discussion explored questions under three themes: the idea of the EU project and the difference with Europe; the EU’s strategic autonomy & foreign defense; The Future of Europe in the East: Ukraine, Russia & Belarus.

You can watch the recorded version here.

About the speaker:

Olivier Védrine is French by origin, from the south-central Auvergne region, with Russian roots. He holds an International Executive MBA from the International School of Management (ISM) in Paris. He also undertook Executive Seminars by the College of Europe at the European Commission in Brussels.

He is Professor Honoris Causa of Kyiv International University, President of the Continental European Union Club in Kiev, journalist, TV anchor, and political scientist. He worked in Russia for some years and currently lives in Ukraine. Until February 2014, he was the Chief Editor of the Russian edition of the ‘Revue Défense Nationale,’ in Paris at ‘École Militaire’ (Military School) which he ended to protest against the annexation of Crimea.