The project Forward EU (FEU) aims to empower young people and promote active engagement in civic activities by integrating creative methodologies, varied events, and inclusive engagement strategies. Aligned with the key priorities of EU elections and strengthening capacity for EU rights and values, our initiative seeks to address the following objectives:

  • Empowering Youth Participation: The main goal is to empower young people to actively engage in civic activities and democratic processes. By joining large events with interactive activities, we aim to provide a platform for young people to learn about democratic values and participate in interactive workshops and discussions.


  • Promoting Inclusive Dialogue: Through events such as the debate week and subsequent activities, the project will facilitate inclusive dialogue between political stakeholders, candidates from diverse parties, and young citizens. By incorporating creative methodologies such as gamification and digital polling, we will ensure diverse participation and foster meaningful exchanges on key democratic issues.


  • Facilitating Post-Election Engagement: Following the EU elections, our initiative will continue to engage with newly elected MEPs and promote dialogue on the new priorities of the European Commission. Events such as an elections’ results panel and round tables on the topics of the new priorities of the Commission will provide opportunities for citizens to interact with elected representatives and discuss the implications of election results.


The methodology of the project revolves around inclusive engagement strategies, creative event design, and collaboration with diverse stakeholders. By partnering with local NGOs, youth organisations, and educational institutions, we aim to co-create engaging activities that resonate with our target audience. Through interactive workshops, discussions, and digital platforms, the project will provide opportunities for young people to learn about democratic values, participate in dialogue, and contribute to the political process.


By directly aligning our project with the key discussion topics in the context of the upcoming EU elections, we aim to foster democratic participation and active citizenship among young people. Our initiatives empower youth to engage meaningfully in democratic processes, promote inclusive dialogue on critical issues, and facilitate ongoing interaction with elected representatives.