In the context of the Belgian communal elections taking place on the 13th of October 2024, Stand Up for Europe has identified the lack of engagement and information provided to the international community of Brussels as a major problem. Being the most international city in Europe, certain communes of Brussels (e.g. Ixelles, Etterbeek) have over 50% of their registered residents non-Belgians. However, EU citizens and other nationals who have been residing in the city for at least 5 consecutive years have the right to vote in the local elections.


With the support of the local authorities of the Brussels Capital Region, we have developed the project ALL4BXL (Tous pour BXL / Iedereen voor BXL) aiming to reach out to the expats residing in the 19 communes part of the Brussels Area through interactive and meaningful activities.


Throughout the period preceding the elections, we intend to organise:

  • events dedicated to newcomers helping them get accustomed to the city, and the local customs, providing information about the opportunities Brussels is offering, the cultural agenda, language and training courses etc. (IntroBXL);
  • workshops in universities seeking to increase the knowledge and understanding of foreign and exchange students regarding the Belgian political and administrative system (BEsimple);
  • mobile (symbolic) voting stations installed across the city in popular spots among the international community; registration & info points where people can express which topics are most important for them and get more information about the local elections & how to reach out to the local authorities;